TABLE 1. Property and conventions associated with Amino Acids found in Proteins

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1L Code 3L Code Name PM(Kda) Type Charge O/D Prom. Preferences pI
A Ala Alanine 89 Hydrophobic No Disorder Helix 6,11
C Cys Cisteine 121 Hydrophilic No Order Strand 5,05
D Asp Aspartic acid 133 Hydrophilic ( - ) Order Coil 2,85
E Glu Glutamic acid 147 Hydrophilic ( - ) Disorder Helix 3,15
F Phe Phenylalanine 165 Hydrophobic No Order Strand 5,49
G Gly Glycine 75 Hydrophilic No Disorder Coil 6,06
H His Histidine 155 Hydrophilic ( + ) Order Helix 7,60
I Ile Isoleucine 131 Hydrophobic No Order Strand 6,05
K Lys Lysine 146 Hydrophilic ( + ) Disorder Helix 9,60
L Leu Leucine 131 Hydrophobic No Order Helix 6,01
M Met Methionine 149 Hydrophobic No Order Helix 5,74
N Asn Asparagine 132 Hydrophilic No Order Coil 5,41
P Pro Proline 115 Hydrophobic No Disorder Coil 6,30
Q Gln Glutamine 146 Hydrophilic No Disorder Helix 5,65
R Arg Arginine 174 Hydrophilic ( + ) Disorder Helix 10,76
S Ser Serine 105 Hydrophilic No Disorder Coil 5,68
T Thr Threonine 119 Hydrophilic No Order Strand 5,60
V Val Valine 117 Hydrophobic No Order Strand 6,00
W Trp Tryptophan 204 Hydrophobic No Order Strand 5,89
Y Tyr Tyrosine 181 Hydrophilic No Order Strand 5,64


1L/3L = Amino Acid Code
Name = Amino Acid Name
PM = Molecular Weight in KDalton
Type = Physical
Charge = Electric Charge
O/D Promoting = Amino Acid Order/Disorder Promoting inside the Proteins
Preferences = Conformational Preferences
pI = PH Value for which the molecule not shows net charge

TABLE 2. Secondary Structures Type in Proteins
Secondary Structure Simbol
Alpha Helix H
3.10 Helix G
pi Helix (extremely rare) I
Beta Bridge B
Extended Beta Strand E
Beta Turn T
Random Coil C


Nomenclatura e abbreviazioni standard degli elementi di struttura secondaria da Kabsch and Sander (1983) Biopolymers

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